Corn Stuffed Samosa

  • Prepation Time
  •   20mins
  • Cook Time
  •   10mins
  • Serves
  • 4 people

Ingredients to make Corn Stuffed Samosa

  •    1 cup - All Purpose Flour
  •    Salt - according to taste
  •    Oil - for frying & 1 tbsp extra
  •    1 tbsp - Dry Mango Powder
  •    1 tbsp - Cumin powder
  •    1 boiled - Potato
  •    2 tbsp - Coriander leaves
  •    Cucumber - ½
  •    Pomegranate - 1
  •    Corn - ½ cup boiled

How to make Corn Stuffed Samosa

  • Boil potato and let it cool. Boil corn for two minutes and then strain water.
  • Peel Pomegranate and collect seeds. Chop Cucumber and boiled Potato in small pieces.
  • 3. Collect Pomegranate chopped Cucumber chopped Potato and boiled Corn in a large bowl. Now add salt Coriander leaves Cumin powder and Dry mango powder. Mix all the ingredients well. Yours Corn Samosa stuffing is ready.
  • Now in a separate bowl take all purpose flour. Add one Table Spoon of oil and mix well. Now add water little at a time to make smooth dough. Make sure that dough does not be sticky.
  • 5. Now make small balls from this dough. Roll each ball with the help of spinning roll to make thin layered sheet. Now cut this sheet into two pieces. Now make a Samosa like shape from a piece of sheet and fill the stuffing inside it.
  • Close the upper side with the help of water. Make all the Samosa the same way.
  • Heat sufficient oil in a pan for frying. Now drop one by one stuffed Samosa in the oil. You can fry two- three at a time. Fry it from both the sides until turn golden brown. Make all the Samosa same way.
  • Garnish it with some Samosa stuffing and enjoy it with tomato sauce.
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