• Prepation Time
  •   5mins
  • Cook Time
  •   15min
  • Serves
  • 2 people

Ingredients to make CORN ON THE COB

  •    2 Corns - peeled and rinsed with water thoroughly
  •    1 tbsp - melted salted Butter
  •    1 tsp - Lemon juice
  •    Water - enough to have the Corns covered in it
  •    Paparika - or Red Chilly powder to taste

How to make CORN ON THE COB

  • In a pan take water and corn. Heat it and bring the water to a boil. Once the water starts boiling turn the heat to medium high heat. Continue to cook untill the corns turn tender
  • You could check it by pricking it with a knife. It would take around 10-12 mins. Turn off the heat. Remove the cooked corns on to a plate lined with paper towel.
  • Once the excess water has been absorbed remove it onto a serving plate. Brush it with melted butter. Sprinkle it with chilly powder and lemon juice. Serve it hot
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