Business opportunity

Farm harvest provides business opportunities both for retailers and self-employed people. Running an FH kiosk can be very profitable and yield high returns on investment. Retailers can choose from different models of kiosk accordingly to the location. These kiosks give high visibility to the place, bring new customers and generate profit.

Any person who wants to earn can become a self-employed entrepreneur. They can choose their location and install the kiosk. Training and business plan is provided by the company to make the entrepreneur successful. Funding to start the business is also facilitated by the company.

Combi kiosks

Combi Kiosks is a stationary business model where an eye catching kiosk is located in a prime area. The model holds a steamer and a popper machine which can deliver the steamed sweet corn cobs, kernels and popcorn. Flavours are added as per the customer need and requirement.

Push Cart

Push cart is a moving cart business model which is easily transported between places. The push cart packs a steamer and griller which can produce steamed sweet corn cob, kernels and grilled corn cob. Mouth-watering flavours are added as per the customer preference. The cart is equipped with mini inverter and gas stove that can last for a long day of sales.

Single Steamer /
Double steamer

Single steamers and double steamers are exclusively made to deliver steamed sweet corn cob and kernels. The double steamer is designed in a way that it has the extra capacity to manage a crowd of customers. Exiting flavours are added as per the customer's wish. This model is designed to be stationary.